Hi-Res Music Takes Top Honors (again) for Best Hi-Res Stereo-Only Program!

Soular Energy, featuring the late, great jazz legend Ray Brown and his trio was awarded top honors for Best Hi-Res Stereo-Only Program at the recently held Second Annual Surround Music Awards! Soular Energy beat out two other acclaimed Hi-Res Music releases, L.A. Four’s Just Friends and Herb Ellis and Joe Pass’s Seven Come Eleven, as well as the SACD re-master of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme and Rosemary Clooney’s With Love, to take home the award.

Two great new DVD Audio discs now available from Hi-Res Music!

Joe Henry's Scar is now available as a two-sided DVD, which includes a 192kHz/24-bit program on one side and a 96kHz/24-bit program on the other!

Swag's Catchall, is a collection of hard-to-find singles as well as eight new songs compiled for their 2001 full-length debut.

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Hi-Res Music, a leading provider of DVD-Audio, specializes in re-issuing all genres of music in two-channel, stereo only, DVD-A. Starting from the original analog master tapes, Hi-Res Music captures all the warmth and space of the original recording as the audio is prepared, using sampling rates of 96,000 times per second up to 192,000 times per second, for DVD authoring and replication.

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A supergroup comprised of several veteran musicians, Swag plays a rousing blend of power pop and indie rock. In 1996, keyboardist Jerry Dale McFadden (Sixpence None the Richer) met guitarist Robert Reynolds (the Mavericks) while their two bands were touring together. Their similar interests prompted them to put together an open-ended musical project, eventually ensnaring drummer Ken Coomer (Wilco), multi-instrumentalist Doug Powell (a solo artist on Not Lame Records), and bassist Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick). The group's Nashville recording sessions produced a couple of limited-edition singles in the late '90s and a 10" picture disc EP Different Girls in 2000. Their hard-to-find singles as well as eight new songs were compiled for their 2001 full-length debut Catchall.

Remastered to 96kHz/24-bit from the original 48kHz/24-bit digital master


Joe Henry

For the last five years, Joe Henry has gradually taken his songwriting into hidden areas, exploring the different textures of shadow with occasional forays into the twilight of the human heart. On Scar, his eighth album, Henry follows his other obsession down the rabbit hole: the myriad ways in which sound and texture can become musical instruments themselves in order to paint a song properly. Scar, his highly textured sonic meditation on love and its twisted redemptive power, features a list of highly visible musicians that help make this the album Henry's been trying to make his entire adult life. Producing and contributing to four soundtracks hasn't hurt Henry a bit in his quest to make his music finish the story his lyrics sketch out. With the help of producer Craig Street, Henry moves the bell further down the wire of soulful yet accessible pop music. Remastered from the original analog master tape.

Another two sided disc, 192kHz/24-bit program on one side, 96kHz/24-bit on the other.


LA 4
Just Friends

On this rewarding set, the L.A.4 (altoist Bud Shank, acoustic guitarist Laurindo Almeida, bassist Ray Brown and drummer Jeff Hamilton) perform a Bach melody, "Carinhoso" (originally recorded by Shank and Almeida back in 1954), "Just Friends," a "Love" medley ("Love for Sale" and "Love Walked In") and Chick Corea's "Spain." Transferred from the original analog master.

Another two sided disc, 192kHz/24-bit program on one side, and a 96kHz/24-bit program the other.


Ray Brown
Soular Energy

Long considered an audiophile reference disc, Ray Brown’s Soular Energy finally gets the digital treatment it deserves. Featuring Gene Harris on piano, drummer Gerryck King, guitarist Emily Remler and the tenor of Red Holloway. Remastered from the original session master tapes.

This two-sided disc has a 96kHz/24-bit program on one side, and a 192kHz/24-bit program on the other.


Leon Russell
Leon Russell
The ultimate rock and roll session man, Leon Russell's long and storied career includes collaborations with a virtual who's who of music icons spanning from Jerry Lee Lewis to Phil Spector to the Rolling Stones. Remastered to 96kHz/24 bit from the original analog master.

Freddie King
Texas Cannonball
Texas Cannonball finds Freddie King at his best, covering tunes by Jimmy Rogers, Howlin' Wolf and Elmore James. King also tackles compositions by Leon Russell and, more unexpectedly, Bill Withers, Isaac Hayes/David Porter and John Fogerty. Remastered to 96kHz/24 bit from the original analog master.

Southern fried, deep-dish soul/funk played with heart and conviction. Swamp grooves for days, with the added touch of Robert Walter guesting on a few tracks. An NPR favorite and a must have for all fans of Fog City Records focus on musicianship, fat tones and good times. Remasterd to 96kHz/24 bit from the original 44kHz/24 bit digital master.
Herb Ellis Joe Pass
Jazz at Concord
Concord Records debut release, this 1974 recording features the brilliant guitar work of Herb Ellis and Joe Pass, along with Ray Brown on bass and Jake Hanna on drums. Pass and Ellis, modest about their own talents but lavish in praising the other, maintain that quality on this recording which, in its spontaneous enthusiasm, refelect a give-and-take and a mood of mutual admiration seldom encountered between performers. Remastered to 96kHz/24 bit from the original analog master.
Herb Ellis and Freddie Green
Rhythm Willie
Long time Count Basie group rhythm guitarist Freddie Green joins Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Jake Hanna and Ross Tompkins on this spirited session. This recording, as much as any other, allows the listener to hear and appreciate the inner workings of a rhythm section as well as providing some predictably magnificent solo lines. Remastered to 96kHz/24 bit from the original analog master.

Monty Alexander, Ray Brown and Herb Ellis
These guys, and this record, just go to show how drums aren't needed for great jazz. Three masters of their craft in unimpeachable form from first to last. Converted to 96kHz/24 bit from the original analog master.

Herb Ellis Joe Pass
Seven Come Eleven
A magical performance captured live at the 1974 Concord Jazz Festival, with Jake Hanna on drums and Ray Brown on bass. Remastered to 96kHz/24 bit from the original analog master.

Laurindo Almeida and Charlie Byrd
Brazilian Soul
These two masters of Bosa Nova (some say inventors) treat us to a stunning set of dual nylon string bliss. Don't miss the awesome rendition of "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", one of two non-Brazilian compositions in the set. Remastered to 96kHz/24 bit from the original analog master.

Wayne Horvitz
Wayne takes his funk/jazz band Zony Mash unplugged, sort of. Guitarist Tim Young stays plugged in an unplugged kind of way. The result is nothing short of brilliant. Remastered to 96kHz/24 bit from the original 48kHz/20 bit digital master.

The Larry Goldings Trio
B-3, guitar and drums. No need for a bass player when you've got pedals. Larry and his band, Peter Berstien on guitar, and Bill Stewart on drums, create solid grooves, including an outstanding rendition of the folk/rock classic "Woodstock". Remastered to 96kHz/24 bit from the original 48kHz/20 bit digital master.

Ben Allison & Medicine Wheel
Riding The Nuclear Tiger
Ben and his cohorts treat us to an inspiring and totally original set somewhat reminiscent of Zappa in his jazzy period ( Hot Rats, Waka Jawaka, Grand Wazoo). With Michael Blake, Frank Kimbrough, Tomas Ulrich, Ted Nash and Jeff Ballard. Remastered to 96kHz/24 bit from the original 48kHz.20 bit digital master.

Robert Walter's
20th Congress Money Shot
Robert Walters unique approach to Seventies funk/soul is an aural treat. This is one hard groovin' band. A Stereophile "Record of the Month" in March 2001. Remastered to 96kHz/24 bit from the original 44kHz/24 bit digital master.
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