Frequently Asked Questions

Why stereo vs. 5.1 channel surround?
Hi-Res Music is producing high-resolution DVD's from the original two-track analog masters in order to capture the exact sonic quality experienced during playback in the studio. While 5.1 channel surround music can be quite compelling when mixed from multitrack masters, our DVD's are designed for devotees of stereo reproduction.

What is meant by high-resolution audio?
Digital audio fidelity encoded using PCM [Pulse Code Modulation] depends largely on two parameters: sampling rate and word size. Standard CDs use 44.1kHz and 16 bits, specifications that have proven to be somewhat short of true fidelity. The new DVD format raises these two parameters to 96 kHz and 24 bits. These higher standards are referred to as "High-Resolution" digital audio.

What are the differences in audio quality between DVD-Audio and DVD-Video?
These two formats are physically identical but differ with regards to software preparation and hardware playback. DVD-Video discs dedicate the majority of their bandwidth and storage capacity to the video component, while DVD-Audio discs orient the majority of their storage capacity to audio. The audio specification for DVD-Video discs includes 96 kHz/24 bits for stereo programs as well as Dolby Digital or DTS for 5.1 programming [or 2.0 for that matter]. DVD-Audio expands the available options to include all of the following audio specs: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz sampling rates and 16,20, and 24-bit words. The top two sampling rates are restricted to stereo programs while the rest can be used for 5.1 surround music with or without MLP [Meridian Lossless Coding].

Can I play your DVD's in my existing DVD player?
Yes, Hi-Res Music DVD's are encoded using the PCM format at 96 kHz/24 bits. Since we limit the number of channels to stereo, both DVD-Video and DVD-Audio machines will be able to play them.

Why 96 kHz instead of 192 kHz?
We have chosen to use the 96 kHz standard instead of the higher rates because of the sonic quality and availability of A/D and D/A converters that operate at those elevated rates.

Why is Hi-Res Music supporting the DVD format?
We believe that the DVD format is the strongest format to emerge in the quest for higher fidelity. The sound of high-resolution PCM audio contains all of the warmth and color of the analog original which is after all, the mission of Hi-Res Music.

What kind of music is Hi-Res Music planning to remaster and release?
All kinds of music.

How are you going to package your releases?
Our releases will be packaged in "Super Jewel Boxes" exactly the same as those used for DVD-Audio titles. Basically, these boxes are 1 inch taller than a standard CD jewel box and made of higher quality plastic.

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